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A small collection of contest tips from various sources. Click or tap the plus sign to open up the FAQ for the title you're interested in reading. Other resources are. Contesting (also known as radiosport) is a competitive activity pursued by amateur radio operators. In a contest, an amateur radio station, which may be operated by an . Look up contesting in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. . Lombry, Thierry LX4SKY (). "The ham spirit from hobby to contests". Retrieved Dec. 31, During a big contest weekend it can be tough to avoid, when calling CQ, and but alot of my local HAM's are similar to you, as in they hate contests, so they go. FREE HAM RADIO GIVEAWAYS

These logs are combined and filtered so that they result in a fairly code white walmart but not perfect list. But it is only a few days a year, most hams can probably live with that. Remembrance Day is a popular contest in Australia.

To promote this, HVARC is pleased to announce a giveaway of ham radios to any member who has recently gotten their amateur radio license. All ages are welcome. The radio is a BaoFeng UV5R, a club favorite, and will come ready to use pre-programmed with local repeater frequencies.

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N1MM Logger plus is free boomf marshmallow size featuring automatic CW generation, 500 dollar prepaid visa and radio control, suport for So2R, cluster support, winkeyer interface, import export cabrillo and adif formats and many more features. AIO All in One by WD8KNC Windows contest logging software with multiple functions like antenna rotor control, dx cluster, cat control, voice and cw keying, supports many data modes, qrz lookup, pirint qsl and labels, mapping and more. Donationware software.

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Feb 19, Would you like to win a free radio for use in your ham shack? a note saying that his company has been running a monthly radio giveaway. Register after each Ham Nation episode for your chance to win weekly swag. automatically entered in our monthly Grand Prize Drawing for a free Icom radio!. An overview or summary of amateur radio / ham radio contests and a contest calendar of some of the more popular contests. The Hidden Valleys Amateur Radio Club wants to hear more new ham radio To promote this, HVARC is pleased to announce a giveaway of ham radios to any thousands of state and local emergency response agencies, all for free. Contest program for ham radio contesting events, list of contest software is a plus is free software featuring automatic CW generation, rotator and radio control, . Contest operators build some of the largest and most effective ham radio stations Pat can help with a subscription door prize or two, plus some free samples of. FREE HAM RADIO GIVEAWAYS

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Oct 25,  · Subscribe FREE to's Amateur Radio Newsletter News, Opinion, Giveaways & More! E-mail Join over 7, subscribers! We never share your e-mail address. Also available via RSS feed, Twitter, and Facebook. Over the last decade, I’ve listened to many ham radio podcasts and found them to be a great way to pass the time while driving or working in my home office. Some of the best podcasts have come and gone, and some wax and wane on a regular basis as the host’s time permits (Jerry, [ ]. Mr. Terry Burton, owner and founder of American Radio Supply, himself a ham (W4ALK), just sent me a note saying that his company has been running a monthly radio giveaway. Per Terry, "At American Radio Supply we recognize the importance of amateur radio operators and the valuable service they render to the public. Jan 24,  · It’s our biggest giveaway ever! Noo Elec and have teamed up to give away a HackRF One SDR (Software Defined Radio) transceiver to a lucky ham PLUS we’re giving away 40 SDR receivers to radio enthusiasts (non-hams, too!) worldwide. Almost $2, in free prizes — and they’ll even pay the shipping! Sep 18,  · The QRZ Anniversary Sweepstakes. Grand Prize: Kenwood TSS That's right, it's not a misprint. For QRZ's 21st anniversary, we're giving away a brand new Kenwood TSS in our biggest sweepstakes ever. Sep 06,  · I'm coming up on a Ham Radio Youtuber milestone, 73k subscribers and I want to do something big. Skip trial 1 month free. Find out why Close. GIVEAWAY! Xiegu G90 From MFJ Ham Radio Crash Course. free ham radio giveaways