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Australian golf carts? permalink . "My 'golf course' is infested with 'kangaroos'. It's the You can use Kangaroo pouches as golf club holders. Nov 6, Watch an angry kangaroo chase a couple of Australian golfers as it defends its territory. Nov 8, The video below is from the perspective of a terrified golfer being chased by a kangaroo in a golf cart. And just in case that sentence is at all. kangaroo chasing golf cart

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Natu hair care reviews Though endemic to Australia, YouTube xbox giveaway provided animal lovers across the the hard way when a kangaroo on golf course starting chasing them.
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It appears the drive speed little debbie coupons pulse width coupons for baby sunscreen so energy consumption is reduced at lower speeds. Like other reviews I am impressed with how well it is made. I have carelessly allowed the cart to tip into about 3 bunkers because I was using the remote control and talking with my friend instead of paying attention to the location of the cart.

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Sunny skies and a green course are a normal sight for golfers, but in Australia you could add kangaroos to the mix. Golfer Greg Tannos was playing his way through the course at St Georges Basin Country Club in Sanctuary Point, New South Wales, when he found hundreds of Eastern grey kangaroos munching on the grass and lounging under the trees, The proof is in the video above. Many just play around them, ticking them off as hazards that are a normal part of golf. In , a kangaroo chased a pair of golfers in Queensland, forcing them to abandon their game and run away screaming in panic. Kangaroos live in varied habitats, from forests and woodland areas to grassy plains and savannas.

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Here's a kangaroo chasing after a couple of golfers and scaring the crap out of them kangaroo chasing golf cart

Kangaroo Chases Golfers in a Golf Cart


Nov 9, Kangaroo chase sends two golfers running for their lives a kangaroo has you on its radar, you better hope you have a bike or golf cart handy. Nov 9, Golf Club when a kangaroo took interest in chasing them. What began as humorous quickly turned into high-stakes as the golfers fled on cart. Nov 11, A territorial kangaroo ran a pair of golfers off a golf course in Australia — and even chased after their golf cart. Kangaroo Chases Golfers Off Course And It Was All Caught On Video The guys took off running and quickly jumped into their golf cart and sped away. Nov 6, Watch an angry kangaroo chase a couple of Australian golfers as it defends its territory. Feb 6, A Kangaroo Chasing SERIOUSLY petrified golfers, It really doesn't get He returned to their golf cart and within minutes, the same kangaroo. KANGAROO CHASING GOLF CART

Kangaroo Chases Golfers
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Kangaroo chase sends two golfers running for their lives

Nov 09,  · Charlie Rymer, Gary Williams, Cara Robinson and Damon Hack react to a video of a kangaroo chasing a golf cart. Morning Drive. Monday Mulligan: Kangaroo chases cart. . Nov 08,  · James Macklin and his friend Connor Reeves were at Harvey Bay Golf Club in Queensland when Mr Macklin was set upon by the kangaroo. He returned to their golf cart and within minutes, the same Author: Nicole Low For Daily Mail Australia. Two Brisbane, Australia blokes who review golf courses on YouTube, James Macklin and Connor Reeves, just wanted to have their shot at Queensland’s Hervey Bay Golf Club, but this kangaroo . Nov 07,  · Kangaroo Chases Golfers in a Golf Cart they were chased by a kangaroo. The guy filming from the cart kept encouraging his buddy to get in . Dec 31,  · Kangaroo Chases Golfers in a Golf Cart. December 31, Golf Humor. A couple of golfers were enjoying a round of golf in Australia with they ended up having a run-in with a kangaroo. We recently covered a similar story where a fox repeatedly stole a driver head cover. In this case, however, the golfers appear to be genuinely scared. Kangaroo Golf electric golf carts are customizable with seats, sand and seed holders, umbrella stands, and much more. Kangaroo Chasing Golf Cart